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This Cookies Policy sets out the basis on which we, sparc technology DMCC use cookies and similar technologies on or in relation to our website (our website). This Cookies Policy is effective from 24th May 2018.
‘Essential’ cookies are automatically placed on your computer or device when you access our website or take certain actions on our website. [‘Non-essential’ cookies and other technologies are only placed on your computer or device if you have consented to us doing so.] For information on [the difference between] essential [and non-essential] cookies, see the section below entitled About cookies.
For information on how you consent and how you can withdraw your consent to us placing non-essential cookies and other technologies on your computer or device, see the section below entitled How to accept or reject cookies.
•    About cookies
•    List of cookies used
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•    Non-essential cookies
•    How to accept or reject cookies
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About cookies

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files sent by a website’s server to a web browser, processor memory or hard drive and stored there. They can be used for a range of different purposes, such as customising a website for a particular user, helping a user navigate a website, improving that user’s website experience, and storing that user’s preferences and login information.

Essential and non-essential cookies
Cookies can be classified as either ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’.
Essential cookies: these are cookies that are either:
•    used solely to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network; or